#Ben Franklin was the tenth son of a Boston soap maker who had seventeen children. Unable to send Ben to more than one year of school, his father apprenticed the boy to his older brother, James, a printer. Ben's duties included helping compose articles, set type, and print pamphlets after which, twelve-year-old Ben would be sent out on the streets to sell the pamphlets. When Ben was fifteen, his brother started THE NEW ENGLAND COURANT, the first newspaper printing local news in Boston. Ben, an avid reader, wrote letters at night and signed them by the name Silence Do good, a supposed widow that was very critical of the world and the way women were treated. The letters were an instant hit with the public. After sixteen letters were printed in the paper, Benjamin confessed he had written them. While others lavished praise upon the young boy, his brother was furious. James would beat Benjamin, so Ben broke the law and ran away. He caught a boat to New York but failed to find work there.He walked across New Jersey and ended up in Philadelphia. Using the last of his meager money, the wet – homeless, disheveled boy bought some rolls to eat. Ironically, it was at that moment on October 6, 1723 - that his future wife, Deborah Read, saw him for the first time. Neither would have dreamed that seven years later they would marry.