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Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo, Jody has lived in and enjoyed various parts of the U.S. including - Chicago - Spokane - Boulder - San Francisco and more. She loves to travel which inspired her series of - TRAVELING WITH GRANDMA - books. "The world is an exciting, wonderful place full of beautiful sites and interesting people. We all should learn everything we can about it."

Graduating with a BA in Psychology and Sociology she later completed all graduate study for Physical Education counseling, while owning several aerobics studios in Boulder CO. She owned businesses for thirty-eight years including GOOD STUFF COUPONS, a Direct Mail Company in Walnut Creek, CA.

Having many interests, Jody is never bored and is now living in the Gold Country of California, near her two sons and their families, which includes her five PRECIOUS grandchildren.

If you want to catch Jody's attention - make her laugh. If "all the world's a stage," hers would be a comedy. © 2019 JODYWRITES.COM